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Guide to our videos



Guide to our videos

We have a information about Guide to our videos.


Our shop "NEO-TANTRA TOKYO" offers various massages using the therapy based on the idea of ​​spiritual oriental medicine.

① India
② China
③ Japan
④ Thailand

We offer various massages cultivated in the long tradition of each country mentioned above by combining it with "Massage for rejuvenation" for male customers after mature.

Our shop 's massage is a rejuvenated massage for a mature generation, accompanied by happy ending massage for mature generation.

This HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE FOR MATURE GENERATION makes a distinction from our mere HAND JOB in our shop.

Details are from the following.

However, massage to care for the body is also essential for the mature generation, and our shop is the reason why massage that satisfies both sexual energy and body maintenance is necessary for the mature generation.

Therefore, we hope to use the customers of the mature generation, please understand.

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❶ Introduction of various videos

About us

This is a video about our shop, NEO-TANTRA TOKYO.
We think you can deepen your understanding about us.



Regarding the basic concept of various massage services offered by our shop, Oriental medicine.


Integration of the essence in asian country

The various massage services offered by our shop are therapies inspired by the wisdom of traditional medicine in Asian countries (Japan, India, Thailand, China).



This is a “hospitality” service that has been in Japan for a long time. The effect of warming the body before massage and the intention to massage your body carefully from now on.



About prostate massage. This is one of the massages that you can step into the new world even after you are mature.
And you should regret a little that you should have known earlier.



About testicle massage. This is also one of the massages that can be stepped into a new world after becoming mature, just like the above prostate massage.
When you were young, you also had a lot of testosterone secretion, and you were a resident of a world unrelated to ED. However,···.