Tantra practice

Tantra practice ❶ Significance of Tantra Practice What is needed in tantra practice is how to awaken the sleeping sexual energy in the body. It can be said that it aims at liberation. The practice uses the Kundalini Yoga method. Yoga is systematized by Yo ...


Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra   ❶ About Kama Sutra Kama Sutra (Sanskrit: K कामसूत्र ma Sūtra, कामसूत्र, Kama Sutra) is an ancient Indian book on sexual intercourse (Kama Shastra), which is said to have been presumed to have been made between the 4th and 5th centuries, ...


What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?   ❶ About Tantra Tantra (तन्त्र Tantra) is a scripture of the Shakhtist who preaches the doctrine of shakti (sexuality), a concept of feminine dynamism that is likened to a queen (Kin Shiva) in Hinduism. It is a popular name for late ...


What is Taoism?

What is Taoism? ❶ About Taoism Taoism is considered a traditional religion of the Han people. The central concept path (Tao) refers to the fundamental immortal truth of the universe and life. The road character itself represents a dualistic element that i ...


EEG during orgasm

EEG during orgasm ❶ About EEG during orgasm Both men and women are known to emit brain waves during orgasm. Theta waves from the hypothalamus of the brain. 3 seconds for a man, 20 to a second for a woman. Is this time difference that women are more comfor ...



G-SPOT ❶ What is "G-SPOT"? The G-spot is named after Ernst Gräfenberg in Germany. A small area in front of the vaginal wall below the pubis. The second most famous erogenous zone for women after the clitoris.   A small area in the upper front of the ...


Chinese 4000 years of sexuality

Chinese 4000 years of sexuality ❶ Training for sexual longevity Men and women are said to absorb each other's vital energy during sex. In China, that is considered through SEX. For example, a man sucks a woman's mouth for saliva, sucks a nipple for milk, ...


The universe of the human body

The universe of the human body ❶ 精・気・神 You cannot think of human beings as a part of nature separately from nature. In China, it is considered that way. Invisible life energies (in Japanese 精, Ki=Qi in Japanese 気, in Japanese 神) gather and exist in the fo ...


Seeking eternal youth in sex

Seeking eternal youth in sex ❶ Sexual and immortal esoteric culture In China, sexual energy and vital energy were regarded as the same thing. It was thought that the ancients would waste vital energy if they waste their valuable energy outside the body. T ...

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