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Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is a a type of tantra massage that focuses mainly on male genitalia.

Lingam is Sanskrit term for penis.

We have a information about Lingam massage.


Our shop "NEO-TANTRA TOKYO" offers various massages using the therapy based on the idea of ​​spiritual oriental medicine.

① India
② China
③ Japan
④ Thailand

We offer various massages cultivated in the long tradition of each country mentioned above by combining it with "Massage for rejuvenation" for male customers after mature.

Our shop 's massage is a rejuvenated massage for a mature generation, accompanied by happy ending massage for mature generation.

This HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE FOR MATURE GENERATION makes a distinction from our mere HAND JOB in our shop.

Details are from the following.

However, massage to care for the body is also essential for the mature generation, and our shop is the reason why massage that satisfies both sexual energy and body maintenance is necessary for the mature generation.

Therefore, we hope to use the customers of the mature generation, please understand.

If you have any questions about Lingam massage without hesitate, please telephone us from the following.

Call Now (186)0362402930


❶ What is Lingam massage?

What is a Tantric Lingam Massage for Men?

Lingam massage is a type of tantra massage that focuses mainly on male genitalia.

This practice is considered an easy path to an ecstatic experience.

Some experts believe that the purpose of the lingam massage is to awaken Kundalini, the energy associated with enlightenment.

The word "Lingam" is, in ancient Sanskrit penis terms, translated literally as "the wand of light."

Lingam Massage is a Tantra penis massage developed in a beautiful way of penis worship.

❷ Benefits of Lingam Massage

Effects of Lingam massage on men


➀ Increased sensitivity

② Intense sexual pleasure

③ Improving Improving sexual stamina

④ Enhanced ejaculation control

⑤ Treatment of premature ejaculation

⑥ Intense sexual pleasure

⑦ Curing of premature ejaculation


➀ Introduction

Now is the time to relax.

Sometimes we start with a ritual like meditation.

② Therapist

A lingam massage therapist will never be naked.

③ Customer's knowledge

Don't forget to relax during the lingam massage experience

Take a deep breath, exhale and release your hand.

Lingam massage is not the same as a typical erotic massage for Happy Ending.

For the sake of clarity, the purpose of this exercise has nothing to do with ejaculation.

On the contrary, genuine Tantra penis massage recipients usually do not ejaculate.

This is not just for the purpose of satisfying your desires.

Achieving is not the goal here.

Happy Ending is not a goal here-except for the soul

Lingam massage is a beautiful form of cock worship.

Tantra is all about moving energy and increasing energy in your body for healing, pleasure, and spiritual purposes, and Lingam massage is no exception.

It is a way to welcome your soul.


Pour plenty of oil into customer's Lingam and begin massage as if you were worshiping sacred things.

Our therapists usually put my hands together like a prayer and start with a prayer movement.

Prayerfully worship Lingam.

Contact Lingam's Chi.


lingam penis massage is different from a simple hand job.

If it is such contents, there is nothing that can not be done only by oneself.

Masturbation is free.

It is not just for the purpose of HAPPY ENDING.

The aim is to interact with the therapist, the ultimate bond, Ki, Qi, and Chi.

Stimulate penis with various tantra erotic massage techniques.

❹  Our introductory video of integration of the rejuvenated massage with happy ending in Asian country