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Traditional medicine of Chinese

Traditional medicine of Chinese



We have a information about Traditional medicine of Chinese.


Our shop "NEO-TANTRA TOKYO" offers various massages using the therapy based on the idea of ​​spiritual oriental medicine.

① India
② China
③ Japan
④ Thailand

We offer various massages cultivated in the long tradition of each country mentioned above by combining it with "Massage for rejuvenation with happy ending" for male customers after mature.


Our shop 's massage is a rejuvenated massage for a mature generation, accompanied by happy ending massage for mature generation.

This HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE FOR MATURE GENERATION makes a distinction from our mere HAND JOB in our shop.

Details are from the following.

However, massage to care for the body is also essential for the mature generation, and our shop is the reason why massage that satisfies both sexual energy and body maintenance is necessary for the mature generation.

Therefore, we hope to use the customers of the mature generation, please understand.

If you have any questions about Traditional medicine of Chinese without hesitate, please telephone us from the following.

Call Now (186)0362402930

❶ What is Traditional medicine of Chinese?

Chinese medicine is a traditional medicine that has been held in East Asia centering on China.

Oriental medicine, Chinese medicine, also called traditional Chinese medicine.

In recent years, it is widely used as complementary / alternative medicine under the name of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, traditional Chinese medicine) even in Europe and the United States.

It is thought that it was counted among the three major traditional medicine with Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine) · Yunani medicine (Greek · Arabian medicine), mutual influence.


Characteristics of Chinese medicine include the following.

➀  Watch the whole body and treat it. Unlike Western modern medicine, with multiple symptoms, decide treatment strategy with the concept "proof".

②  It is characterized by leading to cure by raising the natural healing power possessed by human body and mind. For that purpose use crude drugs.

③  The diagnosis is also done by four examination. As with Western modern medicine, we do not use inspection results of machines or blood sampling. Therefore, it does not invade the body and is said to be less harmful.