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Thai traditional massage is a form of therapy created 3000 years ago, by the Indian Doctor Shivago.

We have a information about Thai traditional massage.


Our shop "NEO-TANTRA TOKYO" offers various massages using the therapy based on the idea of ​​spiritual oriental medicine.

① India
② China
③ Japan
④ Thailand

We offer various massages cultivated in the long tradition of each country mentioned above by combining it with "Massage for rejuvenation" for male customers after mature.

Our shop 's massage is a rejuvenated massage for a mature generation, accompanied by happy ending massage for mature generation.

This HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE FOR MATURE GENERATION makes a distinction from our mere HAND JOB in our shop.

Details are from the following.

However, massage to care for the body is also essential for the mature generation, and our shop is the reason why massage that satisfies both sexual energy and body maintenance is necessary for the mature generation.

Therefore, we hope to use the customers of the mature generation, please understand.

If you have any questions about Thai traditional massage without hesitate, please telephone us from the following.

Call Now (186)0362402930


❶ What is Thai Traditional Massage?

Thai traditional massage is a type of therapy that was created 3000 years ago by Indian Doctor Shivago.

Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Medical Massage and Thai Therapy, Thai traditional massage is called Nuad Boran in Thailand.

Thai traditional massage uses an energy channel and a passive yoga* posture to balance the body.


A well-made massage goes far beyond the physical senses of the body and reaches the soul and spirit like your favorite music.

Traditional medicine, there is a history of traditional medicine that has been transmitted through folklore, and naturally it contains many spiritual elements.

Before the medical license system was established, the doctor must have been a healer, a prophet.

It is always the caring intention of the practitioner = the healer, the caring touch, to increase the physical health of the patient.

Thai traditional massage is associated with the Buddhist tradition and involves raising practitioners' awareness and concentration.

We wish for the health of our patients and begin with prayer.

This healing system does not include modern medicine and has the following psychological benefits.

Thai traditional massage works based on the practitioner's intention to heal through touch.

A massage that combines a loving kindness with a proper understanding of the technique.

If the therapist's mind wanders and is not focused on the client, the mental aspect of the massage is lost, which is a series of empty physical movements.


Through the inclusion of Buddhist wisdom and elements of the healer, it sublimes to a complete Thai traditional massage.

❷ Influence from India

Thai traditional massage is also influenced by Ayurveda and Yoga in India.

Thai yoga massage is based on the yoga tradition of vitality (prana) flowing through a series of human energy channels.

And although it is thought unique to Oriental medicine, stress and illness are thought to be caused by the hindrance of the flow of energy, and the purpose of Thai yoga massage is to release those clogs, restore balance and harmony, and to health.

To promote a return to health.

❸  Our introductory video of integration of the rejuvenated massage with happy ending in Asian country