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What is 氣,ki,qi,chi?

What is 氣, ki, qi, chi ?



(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi is one of the terms such as Chinese thought, Taoism and Chinese medicine (Oriental medicine).

In general, air is invisible, it is said to be fluid, exercise, and to act.

We have a information about What is 氣, ki, qi, chi ?


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(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi , and was originally derived from philosophy and thought of ancient China.

There is no concept of "(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi" in Western medicine.

(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi is one of the terms such as Chinese thought, Taoism and Chinese medicine (Oriental medicine).

Although (氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi , is the most important word in oriental medicine, there are also various interpretations on the other hand, it is also the fact that it is difficult to define it as one.

Recent trend is to regard it as a kind of substance.

It is said that (氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi exists in every part of the universe, takes in the clean spirit from the atmosphere and spits out the spirit used in the body.

(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi is the basic unit that makes up the universe, human beings are no exception, (氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi is making the human body and maintaining life activities.

In oriental medicine, it is said that there are four types of spirit in the human body.

Oriental medicine think human beings will suffer from a disorder in the body if there is a shortage of (氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi or if it does not work well.

According to oriental medicine, the cause of illness is said to be an obstacle to meridian flow.

It is the purpose of treatment to release this.

Originally, what distorts meridian that should be working normally? !

That is because disorder occurs in "(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi" due to human negative emotions.

And the stagnation of "(氣 in Japanese)= Ki = Qi = Chi" makes it difficult for the living body to adapt to the environment.