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Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo CLOSED

It closed on March 31, 2018.


Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo in Tamachi area,Minato ward,Tokyo



【A.N.A.ホテヘル】,we provides an outcall following massage ①~③ to APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi in Tamachi area,Minato ward,Tokyo until 24am.

① Japkasai massage

② chineitsang massage

③ karsaineitsang massage


① The basic information of Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo in Tamachi area,Minato ward,Tokyo


Name of hotelHotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo
the address3-16-18 Shibaura Minato-ku Tokyo
the telephone number81-3-5444-0202
① noteOur massage services are available to Aman Tokyo in Minato ward,Tokyo until 24am.
② noteYou can have DISCOUNT COUPONS!




②  The Map of Hotel JAL City Tamachi Tokyo in Tamachi area,Minato ward,Tokyo at GOOGLE MAP