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Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku

Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo,Hyakunin-Cho area,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo.


【A.N.A.ホテヘル】,we provides an outcall following massage ①~③ to Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo,Hyakunin-Cho area,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo until 24am.


① Japkasai massage

② chineitsang massage

③ karsaineitsang massage 


① The basic information of Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo,Hyakunin-Cho area,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo


Name of hotelHundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku
the address2-27-7 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
the telephone number 03-6890-9100
① noteOur massage services are available to Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo,Hyakunin-Cho area,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo until 24am.
② noteYou can have DISCOUNT COUPONS!



②  The Map of Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku in Okubo,Hyakunin-Cho area,Shinjuku ward,Tokyo at GOOGLE MAP


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