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Tantra (तन्त्र Tantra) is a group of scriptures of the Shakta sect that preaches the doctrine of Shakti (sexual power), the concept of feminine dynamics compared to the consort of Goddess (Shiva) in Hinduism.

It is a common name for the late Esoteric Buddhism scriptures, which were established mainly after the 8th century (Also, in some cases, the entire Esoteric Buddhism scriptures are widely regarded as Tantra).

Sutra means thread and was translated into Chinese as ``warp'' (warp), whereas tantra in Sanskrit means loom, warp, continuous, etc.

It is implied that it is a literary work that reveals hidden secrets.

In Tibetan Buddhism, it is defined as "continuity" (inheritance) and is used to refer to a scripture containing certain esoteric teachings.

The existence of religious literature called tantra was introduced to the West around the end of the 18th century by a Christian missionary who visited India, and the term tantrism was coined in later years.

Today, Western scholars use the term tantrism to refer to a certain pan-Indian religious form found in parts of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions (an academic manipulation concept).

At NEO-TANTRA TOKYO, we apply the essence of spiritual traditional medicine to erogenous massage to maintain the QOL of sexual life, and use it for men and women of the middle-aged generation in the age of 100 years of life.

About tantrism, Traditional medicine of India



Tantra (तन्त्र Tantra) is a Sanskrit meaning textile, the Hindu Shakti sacred scriptures (sutras) transmitted from India to around 800 years (some kind of tantra was already made in the 7th century) in the Shiva divine Worship the princess' sexual power (śakti).

There are 64 kinds or 192 kinds.

Furthermore, it includes regulations on practical rules of practice, including the ways of ensuring God and specific methods.

The idea of ​​Tantra exists in Hinduism, Bonnism, Buddhism, Jainism in common.

Tantra was transferred to South Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia in various forms.

Tantrism is a collective term in the West of the Indian mysticism sect which considers the scripture called Tantra regardless of Brahminism (Hinduism) or Buddhism (Esoteric religion).

This name is exactly the same story as collectively referring to the ancient Indian vedas as Brahmanism (Brahmanism), with words that were made in the West to represent the similar groups collectively and collectively Yes, it is not a word referring to a specific cult.

Of course, they are not self-describing like this.

In addition, "Tantra" itself is also a new designation of the general scripture spreading gradually in India after the AD, not a word referring to a specific scripture.

It originated from the Aramaic Brahminism of North India (now Kashmir region) around the 1st and 2nd century.

It began to spread in southern India after the 7th - 8th century, and in the 9th - 12th century, it influenced Shiva, Vishnu, Buddhist ideas greatly. Late Indian Buddhism (Buddhism), and Tibetan Buddhism also incorporate Tantra philosophy as a basic philosophy.

Actually, there were not religious groups called Tantra, but people with a Tantra way of thinking (Tantra philosophy, Tantric).

"Great consciousness" can be interpreted as both "Creator" and "Space" as "God", but the connection with "Self" is a given to all people regardless of a specific person or hierarchy, grace The idea is that.

The basis of this idea is that "every existence has beauty, goodness, there is grace from the connection to the living existence itself".


Tantra (तन्त्र Tantra) is a Sharctarian scripture group that prescribes the doctrine of Shakati (sexuality) in Hinduism that is similar to the concept of feminine dynamism compared to Shinto (Shiva).

It is the common name of the late esoteric scripture established after the 8th century (also, in general, the esoteric scripture may be regarded as a tantra).

Tantra means Sanskrit, meaning weaving, warp, continuous, etc., and implies that it is a classical register showing a secret that does not appear in the scriptures.

The presence of religious literature, Tantra, was introduced to the West around the end of the 18th century by Christian missionaries who visited India, and later the word, Tantrisism (tantraism) was born.

Today, Western researchers use the term tantrism as a term to refer to certain pan-Indian religious forms found in parts of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain religions (That's not what the Tantrists are calling themselves).

It may be said that people in countries other than India have developed their own interpretations of doctrines?

❷ Information about OUR RATES

Information about OUR RATES

① Introduction of each SESSIONS

30 minutes 10,000 yen / 12,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Transportation fee free area limited, ⑵Until 8:00 p.m. (phone reservation by 7:00 p.m.), ⑶Simple hand job, ⑷"Option" cannot be added.
50 minutes 13,000 yen / 15,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Simple hand job, ⑵"Option" cannot be added.
80 minutes for male customer 20,000 yen / 22,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Happy ending massage with testis massage, ⑵Second time HAPPY ENDING = Ejaculation is possible
80 minutes for couple 40,000 yen / 42,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴For couple, With testis massage for men / with Yoni Massage, Perineal Massage for women
80 minutes for female customer 20,000 yen / 22,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴For single female customer : with Yoni Massage, Perineal Massage
100 minutes 25,000 yen / 27,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Includes testicular massage,oil lymph massage around groin and lingam massage.
120 minutes 30,000 yen / 22,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Includes testicular massage,oil lymph massage around groin, lingam massage, prostate massage.
Oil lymph massage around groin

➁ Introduction of each OPTIONS

Contents of OPTION Option Rates NOTES
30 minutes extension 6,000 yen
Nomination for masseuse 1,000 yen
Testis, testicle massage Including from 80 minutes sessions
Prostate massage 5,000 yen Free from 120 minutes session
Topless 5,000 yen ⑴During HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE with testis massage for about 15 minutes, ⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
Normal Sentai 5,000 yen ⑴Time will be added for 15 minutes.⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
TOPLESS Sentai 8,000 yen ⑴Time will be added for 15 minutes.⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
4 HANDS MASSAGE 30,50 minutes・・・2,000 yen OFF from total

From 80 minutes・・・4,000 yen OFF from total



❸ NEO TANTRA-TOKYO's various video guides.

① This is a video about ABOUT US by NEO TANTRA-TOKYO.

➁ This is a video about Integration of the essence in Asian country by NEO TANTRA-TOKYO.

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Our shop, NEO-TANTRA TOKYO, wants to apply the essence of traditional medicine that has been handed down from ancient times to Asian countries( India, Thailand, Japan, China) for ❶ massage( Other than EROTIC MASSAGE)and ❷ EROTIC MASSAGE and introduce it to everyone.

The goal is to adopt ideas from the recent reconstruction of oriental medicine to help seniors in their 100-year life and to improve their sexual life QOL.

Some traditional medicine has ❶ SPIRITUAL elements and ❷ rejuvenating effect elements that can be applied to EROTIC MASSAGE.

It is the age of 100 years of life, when "health" including sexual life becomes more and more important.



This page is a guide to Tantrism.

Our main working areas are hotels and homes in central Tokyo.

Reservations are accepted from 3:00 pm to 24:00 am midnight, so if you wish to make a reservation after that (limited to central Tokyo), please make a reservation by 24:00 am.

There is no transportation fee inside the JR Yamanote Line.

Transportation costs are not included on the outside (3,000 to 10,000 yen).

For reservations starting after 23:00, a late-night fee of 2,000 yen will be charged separately.

Please make a phone reservation by 22:00 pm.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about the guide of "Tantrism" of our shop, NEO-TANTRA TOKYO.

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