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Why is Traditional Medicine Spiritual?

Why is Traditional Medicine Spiritual? !

Before Western medicine was established as it is today, traditional medicine in each region of the world was dominated by spiritual elements.

Even now, there are many treatment methods that include many spiritual elements in the treatment methods of each country.

Since ancient times, traditional medicine has been confirmed to include many treatments using divination and hypnosis, as well as witch doctors, as shown below.

There are treatments that still have those effects.

Many of these elements are still found in oriental medicine.

Unlike Western medicine, which provides evidence-based treatment, it is natural that this trend is strong in Eastern medicine, which examines and treats symptoms that appear in the human body.

At our shop, we use the essence of Traditional medicine of India, Traditional medicine of Japan, Traditional medicine of India, and Traditional medicine of Thailand to provide spiritual sensual massages for men and women of the 100-year life age.





At NEO-TANTRA TOKYO, we apply the essence of spiritual traditional medicine to erogenous massage to maintain the QOL of sexual life, and use it for men and women of the middle-aged generation in the age of 100 years of life.

Information about "Why is Traditional Medicine Spiritual?"

 Why is Traditional Medicine Spiritual?

① Divination

Divination is a method of revealing the unseen or predicting future events by means of oracles, prophecies, astrology, or through contact with superhuman or divine beings.

They have been around since the beginning of human history and are still practiced today in all cultures, even as societies become industrialized.

Among the "secrets" revealed by fortune-telling are, of course, the causes of illness.

Future events that can be predicted also include the course and prognosis of disease.

Throughout the history of medicine, divination has been used in practice to diagnose disease, predict prognosis, and determine the most effective treatment.

Furthermore, in culturally homogeneous societies, it is also a means of exerting a secondary therapeutic effect by making the patient feel that the spirit world supports and is involved in the treatment.

As described above, before the advent of "scientific" medicine (=traditional medicine), fortune-telling played a certain role.

➁  Hypnosis

Sleep is a state of temporarily altered attention, the most striking feature of which is that it is highly suggestible.・・・

It can be said that sleep medicine is a link between traditional medicine and modern medicine.

The techniques and effects of hypnosis are very similar to those found in various traditional medicines, including yoga, various meditation techniques, and possession in the practice of religious revivalists.

③  witch doctor

In a shamanistic society centered mainly on ethnic minorities, the person in charge of medical care is called a witch doctor. There is also interest from above.

A witch doctor or witch doctor is a medical practitioner who seeks supernatural grounds for her medical effects, or who has the ability to heal from supernatural grounds by those around her. It refers to those who are said to be.

A witch doctor may use trance or divination to diagnose a disease, or perform healing rituals to treat a disease.

In folklore and cultural anthropology, it is also called a shaman doctor or witch doctor by shamanism.

It is not necessary to belong to a traditional apprentice system or a secret society, and activities of the same kind of business are widely carried out in modern society.

❷ Information about OUR RATES

Information about OUR RATES

① Introduction of each SESSIONS

30 minutes 10,000 yen / 12,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Transportation fee free area limited, ⑵Until 8:00 p.m. (phone reservation by 7:00 p.m.), ⑶Simple hand job, ⑷"Option" cannot be added.
50 minutes 13,000 yen / 15,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Simple hand job, ⑵"Option" cannot be added.
80 minutes for male customer 20,000 yen / 22,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Happy ending massage with testis massage, ⑵Second time HAPPY ENDING = Ejaculation is possible
80 minutes for couple 40,000 yen / 42,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴For couple, With testis massage for men / with Yoni Massage, Perineal Massage for women
80 minutes for female customer 20,000 yen / 22,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴For single female customer : with Yoni Massage, Perineal Massage
100 minutes 25,000 yen / 27,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Includes testicular massage,oil lymph massage around groin and lingam massage.
120 minutes 30,000 yen / 32,000 yen after 23 pm ⑴Includes testicular massage,oil lymph massage around groin, lingam massage, prostate massage.
Oil lymph massage around groin

➁ Introduction of each OPTIONS

Contents of OPTION Option Rates NOTES
30 minutes extension 6,000 yen
Nomination for masseuse 1,000 yen
Testis, testicle massage Including from 80 minutes sessions
Prostate massage 5,000 yen Free from 120 minutes session
Topless 5,000 yen ⑴During HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE with testis massage for about 15 minutes, ⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
Normal Sentai 5,000 yen ⑴Time will be added for 15 minutes.⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
TOPLESS Sentai 8,000 yen ⑴Time will be added for 15 minutes.⑵It can not be added in 30, 50 minutes course as optional service.
4 HANDS MASSAGE 30,50 minutes・・・2,000 yen OFF from total

From 80 minutes・・・4,000 yen OFF from total



❸ NEO TANTRA-TOKYO's various video guides.

① This is a video about ABOUT US by NEO TANTRA-TOKYO.

➁ This is a video about Integration of the essence in Asian country by NEO TANTRA-TOKYO.

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Our shop, NEO-TANTRA TOKYO, wants to apply the essence of traditional medicine that has been handed down from ancient times to Asian countries( India, Thailand, Japan, China) for ❶ massage( Other than EROTIC MASSAGE)and ❷ EROTIC MASSAGE and introduce it to everyone.

The goal is to adopt ideas from the recent reconstruction of oriental medicine to help seniors in their 100-year life and to improve their sexual life QOL.

Some traditional medicine has ❶ SPIRITUAL elements and ❷ rejuvenating effect elements that can be applied to EROTIC MASSAGE.

It is the age of 100 years of life, when "health" including sexual life becomes more and more important.



This page is a guide to Why is Traditional Medicine Spiritual.

Our main working areas are hotels and homes in central Tokyo.

Reservations are accepted from 3:00 pm to 24:00 am midnight, so if you wish to make a reservation after that (limited to central Tokyo), please make a reservation by 24:00 am.

There is no transportation fee inside the JR Yamanote Line.

Transportation costs are not included on the outside (3,000 to 10,000 yen).

For reservations starting after 23:00, a late-night fee of 2,000 yen will be charged separately.

Please make a phone reservation by 22:00 pm.


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