The mystery of female sex




❶ What is "G-SPOT"?

The G-spot is named after Ernst Gräfenberg in Germany.

A small area in front of the vaginal wall below the pubis. The second most famous erogenous zone for women after the clitoris.


A small area in the upper front of the vaginal wall, further identifiable, is the female urethral cavernous body just below the pubis.

In general, there are many cases where the middle finger is inserted into the vagina and the second joint is bent.

There is a secretory gland called the Skene gland (small vestibular gland).

The Skene gland is sometimes referred to as the female prostate (although not present in females) because it is developmentally equivalent to the male prostate.

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② Prostate massage

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-The mystery of female sex
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