Chinese Eroticism

Chinese 4000 years of sexuality

Chinese 4000 years of sexuality


❶ Training for sexual longevity

Men and women are said to absorb each other's vital energy during sex.

In China, that is considered through SEX.

For example, a man sucks a woman's mouth for saliva, sucks a nipple for milk, and sucks vaginal secretions.

It is said that the liquid that comes out of the body (Shineki in Japanese 津液) is a substance that is liquefied by "ki", which gives energy and becomes a medicine for longevity and longevity.

There is a way to make the absorbed product into a medicine for longevity and longevity in the body.

❷ Is ejaculation bad for my body? !

Irrelevant ejaculation, regardless of age, undermines mind (in Japanese 神).

In China, there was the idea of ​​doing SEX for “healing”. Not just for pleasure.

Ejaculation was said to be good twice a month and 24 times a year. That this is suitable for long life.

According to a Chinese saying, a man "contacts but does not ejaculate."

I don't think it's easy to put it under control without even ejaculation, like the average person.

It was emphasized that both men and women who had already touched each other, through SEX, absorb life energy from the other party.

According to the man's logic, semen is a substance that is concentrated and liquefied. An important source of life. The idea that ejaculation is never a good thing.

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