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What is Tantra?

What is Tantra?



❶ About Tantra

Tantra (तन्त्र Tantra) is a scripture of the Shakhtist who preaches the doctrine of shakti (sexuality), a concept of feminine dynamism that is likened to a queen (Kin Shiva) in Hinduism.

It is a popular name for late esoteric scriptures that were established after the century.

Tantra means a weaving machine, a warp, a continuum, etc. in Sanskrit, implying that it is a book showing a secret that does not appear in scripture.

The existence of the religious literature Tantra was introduced to the West in the late 18th century by Christian missionaries who visited India, and later the word Tantricism was coined.

The philosophy is to teach another way of salvation and liberation than Orthodox Hinduism, and to use mysterious tides and spiritual methods that emphasize Shakti, and later to Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism (esoteric Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, (Buddhism Tantricism).

❷ Why have Tantra been treated as esoteric? !

Wisdom has been hidden besides general enlightenment and awakening.

Tantra says that the essence of awakening is sexual energy.

That is the doctrine and the mystery.

Tantra is the path to God by sublimating sexual power.

❸ How to activate Shakti in Tantra

In Tantra, it is thought that there is invisible sexual energy apart from semen and female endocrine fluid.

It is called Shakti.

But it is usually sleeping.

It is thought to be activated by various practices.

Not only in India, but how to sublime the sexual energy that has long been the source of life energy was the proposition of saints.

Shakti said he was usually asleep.

In the "perineum" called the Muladhara Chakra.

In Tantra, the ultimate method of activating this Shakti through practice.

Successful shakti activation will open the way to saints.

What is Kundalini?

In the Hindu tradition, a word that means the fundamental life energy that exists in the human body.

It is the name of prana in the human body, which is considered to be the fundamental energy that fills the universe, and is also called shakti.

In Kundalini Yoga, it is said that awakening Kundalini can provide a mystical experience, and complete awakening can lead to liberation.

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