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What is Taoism?

What is Taoism?


❶ About Taoism

Taoism is considered a traditional religion of the Han people.

The central concept path (Tao) refers to the fundamental immortal truth of the universe and life.

The road character itself represents a dualistic element that is also found in the Tai Chi.

The ultimate ideal is to use the technique of alchemy to train the elixir of life and immortality, and to become a hermit, by using alchemy for the training that is integrated with this way (Tao).

There are around 30 million people who identify themselves as Taoists around the world, and it is still a religion that is still very well-established among Taiwanese and Chinese in Southeast Asia.

In Western Europe, the term Taoism was coined in the late 19th century to refer to both.

Looking at the formation, probably the Shinsen philosophy (characterized hermit and immortality) is at the root, where the old villa thought and the theory of the five elements of Yin and Yang are mixed,

I believe that the influence of the transmitted Buddhism led to a unique aspect.

What is Tai Chi ?

Tai Chi is a concept that was emphasized as the root of the universe in combination with Yin and Yang thoughts in the generation theory of "EASY in Chinese 昜”.

It was adopted by Taoism and Confucianism (Song studies and Suzaku studies).

The Chinese philosophy, the Tai Chi, is the root of all things, from which the Yin and Yang duality arise.

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