Chinese Eroticism

Seeking eternal youth in sex

Seeking eternal youth in sex


❶ Sexual and immortal esoteric culture

In China, sexual energy and vital energy were regarded as the same thing.

It was thought that the ancients would waste vital energy if they waste their valuable energy outside the body.

The ultimate purpose is to have "immortal body" and "eternal youth".

A man must intercourse with many young women, absorb the vitality, and not give his life energy (= semen) to the other.

According to a Chinese saying, a man "contacts but does not ejaculate".

Women must also absorb men from men.

During the Sui and Tang eras(隋、唐 in in Chinese), various gender-specific sexual techniques were introduced in “Ishinbo: in Chinese 医心方”, a collection of sexual medicine classics.

Similarly, there is "Kama Sutra" in India.

❷ Ancient Oriental Medicine Sex Concepts

Since ancient times, Oriental medicine has emphasized “BOCHUJUTSU in Japanese ”房中術”, which seeks to obtain youth by SEX.

BOUCHJUTSU's "BOU in Japanese 房" refers to the couple's bedroom.

"BOCHUJUTSU in Japanese 房中術" is closely related to the Chinese popular religion, Taoism and the ancient Yin Yang Five Elements Thought.

Did they evolve, for the power and successors, for the prosperity, as well as for imperial studies? !


Eventually, it will be linked to the traditional medicine's five organs and meridians.

All things are connected by the spirit of the origin of life, the Tai Chi, and are interdependent.

What is Shinsen? A hermit who gained its power.

Aiming for Shinsen, Shinsen Chosei (becoming eternal and long-lived like a hermit who gained its power) is linked to Taoism and spreads.

However, the times have changed, and "BOCHUJUTSU in Japanese 房中術" has also declined. It is inherited by some Taoist schools as esoteric art.

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