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The universe of the human body

The universe of the human body


❶ 精・気・神

You cannot think of human beings as a part of nature separately from nature.

In China, it is considered that way.

Invisible life energies (in Japanese 精, Ki=Qi in Japanese , in Japanese 神) gather and exist in the form (body).

In the body, 精 becomes 気 and returns to the water again as essence of sweat, saliva and semen.

精 is the ``heart.''

Semen is the source of life.

精 (water) and energy flow without stopping in nature and the human body, supplying life energy to all things and humans.

It is said that all things in the universe arise from the Yin and Yang divided from the Tai Chi.

❷ Joy of mind and body harmony

Sexual intercourse is physical and mental intercourse.

Not only the body but also the mind (神) will not be good unless it becomes one.

And no true sexual pleasure can be obtained.

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